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The Grievers Advent

I am profoundly grateful to be able to get this out as a free download, making it accessible to anyone that wants to move their grief with some intention this holiday season.

The Grievers Advent is a four part guide of reflection, journalling and self compassion acts. Whether this holiday season is a heavy weight and hopelessness abounds, or you are clinging to some flicker of hope, this could be something for you!

The Grievers advent came from my own journey of feeling the depths of grief while it seemed the rest of the world was covered in glitter. Acknowledging the reality of how we feel is powerful, and brave. Your grief matters, whatever the season.

This guide comes in four parts. Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. While these may reflect some roots of the Christian advent, this is an all inclusive, non-faith based product, designed to be functional for all grievers wherever you are in the journey.

Head to the Shop on our website, and get this free download that is printable and ready to use digitally. Send it to your friends, your family, your grieving friends, and in the words of Thanatologist, Cole Imperi "keep your grief moving".

Click here to be taken to our shop!

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