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Certified & trained Grief Recovery® Specialist

Hospice Volunteer

Currently in graduating year of Bachelor of Arts Philosophy & Psychology degree

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"Grief, after all; is just love trying to find a new home." - Dani Mags

My story is now one of recovery and hope. But for a long time, it felt that grief was suffocating the life out of me. After a season of multiple trauma's and complex grief, it felt like the lights had been switched off.


I left an 8 year physically abusive marriage, leaving me a single mother to my three beautiful children overnight and a mere three weeks later, my father called me to tell me he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer


My world feel apart in that moment, and it didn't feel like it stopped falling for three years as I dealt with the trauma of domestic abuse, a volatile co-parenting landscape while simultaneously watching my father suffer and eventually pass away in June of 2019.

I remember my first session with my grief recovery specialist. I sat in the chair, feeling like a shell of the person I was, with one last ditch attempt left in me to find some way to keep living. The grief recovery method and the kind and generous space I was given by my specialist not only changed my life but it saved it.

My grief over the loss of my dad has not left, for it is merely love persevering. But I could say goodbye to the painful emotions I had left incomplete and unable to cope will.

My passion is to use my own grief journey and struggles with trauma and PTSD along with the Grief Recovery Method ® to help others find completion with their pain and turn the lights back on again.


1/ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy

In the pursuit of continued life long learning in the field of psychology and thought, I am grateful to have completely my degree and move forward in my passion of grief and death/dying work.

2 / Grief Recovery Specialist

Through the Grief Recovery Institute I have become certified to facilitate one on one sessions, group sessions and advanced online sessions for those wishing to go through the Grief recovery method. 

3 / Hospice Volunteer

Through the hospice I volunteer at, we were required to become certified in their in house training to be certified to be direct support, administrative help, spiritual support, and the "No-one Dies Alone" program.

4/ Shadowloss Theory Workshop with Cole Imperi through the School of American Thanatology (Jan 2023)

This virtual weekend intensive covered the history and development of Shadowloss Theory, its use in clinical environments, and its adoption and use by the general public. Case studies and breakout sessions were included as well as a final assessment. Key Themes: Grief, Death, Dying, Resilience, Thanatology |

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