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The Grievers Garden is hosting monthly Grievers Circle to provide a safe and honest space for those who have and are walking through their own unique grief journey of any/all loss. We are grateful for previous events filled with honest and raw expressions of grief. 


Grief; after all, if just love trying to find a new home. We believe at the grievers garden that we can combat the loneliness and isolation of grief by creating collective safe spaces to just rest in, share in (if you want too, no pressure) and to find some healing balm among it all. These events are not to fix anyone, but to hold space for all that you are and wherever you are at. 

Please bring a mat or pillow and a water bottle. Maybe a blanket to feel cozy and dress comfortably. 

This is an all inclusive space. All are welcome. All genders, expressions and human is welcome, although we recommend this space to be over 18, as we will never censor those that want to share honestly in this space. Judgement and hate will not be tolerated, and we ask that we come with open listening hearts, and not to try to "fix" anyone. 

Last Thursday of every month at Iava Wellness in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Soundbath with Isabel Fry

Thursday 25th April 2024


Iava Wellness Centre


Wild Roses Festival

July 5-7th 2024

Honorary Presenter

"Grief is Love"

Evansburg, AB, Treaty 6 Land

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Bring your favourite comfort food, wear your comfy clothes (think Joeys thanksgiving pants), & enjoy guided  conversation and hangs with friends. Hosted by LJ Ferrall & Dani

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