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Welcome to the Garden.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hello. I am so glad you found this space. The Grievers Garden.

Welcome to The Grievers Garden. This is a place to hold space for the grievers. We are all grievers. With over 40 identifiable losses, we have all experienced one, if not many losses in our lifetime. Although death and divorce are commonly thought of as grief, there are so many others. In fact often people are stuck in grief because they haven't ever realized IT IS grief.

“Grief, after all; is just love finding a new home".

Perhaps it felt like the lights all went off after a loss in your life? Or you feel like you are just trying to sty afloat. The Grievers Garden can offer a space to heal, to learn, to share and we have a grief recovery program you can go through either one on one in person or virtually, or in a group session. Recovery is possible from the incomplete feelings of pain and loss that come with grief.

I am so glad you found us. We are on instagram @thegrieveresgarden , on Facebook, and if you want to support this space we have a pattern account you can sign up to - the icon is on the top left hand side of the home page.

Be kind to yourself and know you are not alone.

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